Proper Insulation Services

Make sure your home is properly insulated. Hire Matthews Energy Services to inspect your home and provide ways to lower your utility bills today.

stock-photo-19413859-construction-worker-spraying-expandable-foam-insulation-betweenServices we provide

Insulation of attics, floors, and walls
Duct sealing and insulation
Rodent exclusion
Weather stripping on doors and windows
Infrared surveys
Insulation removal
Sump pumps

stock-photo-10573276-wall-insulation-and-toolsMaximize your home’s performance

Learn how to lower heating and cooling bills, improve comfort and indoor air quality, lower potential mildew and mold problems, protect your home from pests and rodents, and increase building durability and value.

Check out what rebates you qualify for.

Save up to 40% on energy costs with our services

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Customer Testimonial

And thanks to you and your crew. The house is now so warm I have to be careful not to let the wood stove run too hot or it nearly drives me out. Can hardly imagine how much heat I was bleeding before. The results are far beyond what I expected. I’m losing very little heat overnight, even though it’s December.

And your crew. Really great. Clearly into doing good work. They checked the dryer vent that is piped across the attic, and thank goodness! It was nearly clogged and could have been quite dangerous. I don’t think they necessarily had to do this – they could have just covered it with the new insulation – but they did and it was a great favor to me.

I am delighted and just posted a notice on Yelp saying so. If ever you need a customer reference, send ’em my way.